hoarding tabs

Close your tabs with confidence. Rabbit Hole gives you a new web-browsing superpower in a lightweight, blazing-fast Chrome extension.

How many tabs do you have open in your browser?

Declutter your browser, free up memory on your computer, and make your browsing experience 10x better.

Better than bookmarks

  • Instant full-text archives

    Instantly save a page with an archive of the full text of the page. Save anything online - articles, videos, PDFs, even pages you have to login for (like Google docs).

  • Blazing-fast search

    Find pages you've saved with blazing-fast search that searches the full text of every page you've archived. All local to your computer, so it's fast and private.

  • Privacy-first and Local-first

    Everything is stored locally, and searches are done locally. By default, Rabbit Hole doesn't store anything unless you explicitly request it. In the background, your data is synced and stored securely in the cloud. This is purely for backups right now; in the future, it will enable syncing to other platforms. We do not inspect your data or do anything with it. No ads, no tracking, no analytics.

    We know your browsing history is sensitive data, and we want to make Rabbit Hole a tool you feel safe using.

Use your browser faster

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts for everything. Star pages to open freqently accessed pages crazy fast. Archive, tag and search without touching the mouse.

  • Save everything, automatically

    Ever tried to find a page you know you saw recently, but you forgot to bookmark it? Opt-in to auto-save every page you visit in Rabbit Hole.

  • Features you'll love

    Star frequently-accessed pages, archive all tabs in a window with a single click, tagging, advanced filters, pin the search window so it stays open, and more.


“Rabbit Hole is an invaluable tool for keeping track of the content that I am interested in. Long gone are the days when I felt the need to keep an ungodly amount of tabs opened in my browser because I was afraid of losing track of some content I wanted to consume... Rabbit Hole is aware of the entire content of a web page, so when I need that content again, I can get to it with just a couple of keystrokes in Rabbit Hole's search bar.”

Frequently asked questions

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Privacy? Security?
Yes and yes. No tracking, no ads, no 3rd party analytics services. Your data is stored locally and synced, securely, to the cloud (for backups, and in the future, syncing to other platforms).
Mobile? Firefox? Safari?
Not yet, but all of these are planned. Let us know if there's a platform you'd really like.
Rabbit Hole is free while we're in beta. Once we're out of beta, we're planning on a subscription-based model that will give you backups of all your data, syncing between multiple platforms, and helps support us as a small, independent software developer.

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