About Rabbit Hole

I'm Vishal Kapur (previously co-founder/CTO of Screenhero and eng manager at Slack after that). I started working on Rabbit Hole as a side project to help me manage my browsing so that I don't get lost in rabbit holes and end up with hundreds of open tabs.

Along the way, I found I had built something that I like to use and I thought others might too. It's helped me dramatically reduce the number of open tabs I have. It also serves as a super fast way to pull up sites or documents I need to access frequently.

But more than that, I rediscovered my love of coding and building software. I hope that comes through when you use it.

Please send me any feedback at vishal@giantthings.io!

Browse the web with superpowers.

"Once you start using it, you'll never want to go back." — My Mom

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